You have an idea for blog posts or working to refresh the content on your, but you’re stuck. How do you get out of this annoying rut?

First, let’s diagnose this struggle.  You have what doctors call “a brain fart.”

*Well…duh, C*

There are many things you can do:

  • Dance to Bell Biv DeVoe’s Poison. Always a good option.
  • Take a break.
  • Stop overthinking what you’re trying to write.
  • Brainstorm your content.

One thing I learned when writing for my college paper: the average reader reads at a 6th grade level so keep it simple.

You’ve heard of KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid?

Well, you’re not stupid, so I’ll call you Sally, Sam, or Susan.

But remember this when you’re feeling stuck writing and I promise it’ll be easier.

To build on what we learned in middle school English— remember the 5Ws and the H?

  • Who
  • What
  • Where
  • When
  • Why
  • How

That’s it. That’s how you get “unstuck.”


Thanks! But seriously, I had this breakthrough a week ago (literally), and I kicked myself for procrastinating on Tumblr trying to find the energy. It never came, but I did find the cutest dog gif

So what does this look like?

Title: How to Write When You’re Stuck It’s never the same as the final draft, most of the time, and that’s OK. It’s just a reminder of what you’re writing about.

Who: The person that feels stuck writing a post but needs to write something. This is your audience–who you’re writing for.

What: Wants to create content that doesn’t feel forced. Wants to make sure said content is informative.  The outcome of your subject. Pretty simple, eh?

Where: On my blog (or guest post for the site or another blog) This might be for your site or blog. Maybe you’re doing a guest post or you’re super awesome and writing for a major website like Medium or Blavity.  Be as specific as possible to help the writing flow.

Why: I want to inform my audience how to get unstuck when they’re stuck. It always comes to your why. Maybe you saw something that triggered frustration. Or you discovered something that can help your audience be more productive.

How: Come up with a template for readers to use for their content. This allows them to keep things simple and can serve as a brain dump. A great outline to get started. This is your time to explain how you did that thing that you do. This is where you can outline your details then come back to writing in full sentences.

Do you know what just did there? You wrote your draft for your blog! Now congratulate yourself on getting unstuck!

Want this as a template? I got you! Print it out or save it to look at. You’re golden.

(Yes I’m aware you can write the 5Ws and H but I like creating things for you. Let me live.)

Until next time, C