“Dang! She has millions of views. I need to start posting more.”

Stop. You’re about to go down a dangerous path of doing too much.

When you focus on traffic for content, you neglect quality. Yes, you’re putting quantity over quality and it will hurt you in the end.

“But I want more views!”

Then focus on the value!

Your traffic will come and stick. When people see the value in what you’re writing, they’ll come back for more. Readers will share your content because they know it can help others as well as them.

“How do I create valuable content that’s comparable to others?”

The first thing to do is stop comparing yourself to others. Why did you start writing in the first place? What void are you filling in?

Remember that reason. Now let’s move forward.

Think about lessons you’ve learned that will help others.

– What’s the one branding mistake you learned from?

– What did you learn the hard way about design?

– Using your platform taught you what?

You’re not the only one who went through this, and there’s someone else who will. What can you teach them from your experience?

What tips can you give to improve your skill?

– Are you a productivity coach? What apps do you recommend for getting to-do lists completed in half the time?

– Social media is key for bloggers, brands, and businesses. If you’re a social media expert, what is the best way to maximize a certain platform?

– How does one get familiar with Photoshop once they’ve downloaded it? Some are probably familiar with it, others may not. What knowledge do you have to get them accustomed to?

What do YOU have to say?

Sometimes it may not be a skill or a niche-related lesson. It may be something you need to remind your audience. Don’t worry about it being your highest read post. Remember value.

Think about SEO.

Before getting wide-eyed, I’ll give you the easiest way to go about it. Keep it simple.

At times we like to complicate the process. Our titles are often more complicated than they need to be.

For example: If you’re writing a post on Pinterest engagement, here’s what to do:

– Title: Five Ways to Increase Pinterest Engagement
– Keyword: Pinterest – slug (what comes after the .com/) Pinterest-engagement
– Meta Description: Is your Pinterest engagement down? Here are five ways to turn that around!
-Img alt-text: Pinterest-engagement-blogger/brand/business name’
– Add categories and tags (social media, Pinterest)
– Use different header tags <H1> <H2> specifically throughout your posts containing the keywords.

For more SEO tips, check out The 10 Basics of Blogging Search Engine Optimization.

Most importantly…engage!

Engagement with your current audience allows your readership to increase, causing more traffic.

Focus on the quality of your content will increase your engagement and drive up your traffic. Focusing on the quantity will do the opposite, and make the value less.