Have you or one of your loved ones been personally attacked by a nosy family member or stranger who couldn’t mind their business?

When are you having a baby?

Where is your boyfriend?

Don’t you hate being single?

Find you a good Christian man at church?

If you have, you may be entitled to compensation.

OK, maybe not, but you’re definitely not alone. One of the annoying things about minding your business and living your life in today’s society is the idea that one MUST be boo-ed up, down the aisle, and popping out babies by a certain age.

And there’s nothing wrong with being married and having children at 30 if that is your choice. Hell, half of my friends are and I love their love and kiddos.

Asking and inquiring about this during the pandemic is the oddest, yet this is when it has occured in my life the most recently.

“You’re asking if I’m dating someone or looking right now? At this time?

Look, having a boo cook dinner, build shelves and carry groceries, is nice to think about. Again, though, ‘Rona said otherwise.

Because I’m a true crime junkie through and through, watching way too much Investigation Discovery, falling in love with someone on the Internet that I just “met” isn’t happening on my watch (I recommend Web of Lies to prove my point). I’ve hit up Hinge and even OK Cupid, but my god thes stories from my experiences just trying match with someone is a book and a show on its own.

I’ve had friend have plenty of luck with them though, so I’m sure they’re fine but that’s not the journey Our Dolly Parton has for me. Between the ghosting that occurs and jumping right into inappropriate talk after the first hello, I’ve been turned off by apps.

My experience as a hetero-demisexual is not me speaking for every single person. First of all, how the hell do I explain being demi when I just learned it for myself? How do I apply this in my every day?

Other than having someone assembling furniture for me because I don’t want to, it’s kind of nice to think about being coupled with someone, especially during these pandemic times when loneliness creeps in faster.

But again, where do I even start?

Let’s start from with what do I want. Cute, nice, faithful, etc. I…really don’t know. Is this why it hasn’t worked? I’m not specific enough.

I could, as nosy family memebers have suggested, “pray” for God to create the “perfect” person for me that sounds…dumb. How is that prayer gonna go?

Dear God,

Please send me a non-Trump supporting, Black Women Lives Matter, hardworking, partner who likes plants and gets along with The Buns.



Maybe, but I think God has other things to focus on, no?

All in all, I don’t know what dating will look like in the future. I hate the apps. Can’t we meet in-person not at bar or club? Do friends not have  meeting through a friend, but magically their friends are couples, because couples hang out with couples I guess. Weirdos.

Instead of dating, I take this time to “find myself,” as the people say. Except who knows how much longer we’re going to be in isolation because there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight.

Ergo, unless there’s a mircale, dating isn’t happening anytime.

Family, friends of family, and other nosy persons, please respect this decision at this time. I’m not going to die from being single.

Love you, mean it.