I’ve struggled with FIVE12 STUDIO for a while.

Should I pull the plug, rename it, or walk away from all of this completely? In developing myself, I lost who I was. I took in so much information on how and why I should do a, b, and c, I neglected to figure out if it’s what I wanted to do. “It shouldn’t matter. You need to do it or you won’t succeed.” Guess what? If I hated doing a, b, and c, I wouldn’t succeed anyway. Afterlife changes and mental clarities from breakdowns, I started feeling a huge shift. I took the time to observe what’s going on with online entrepreneurs, brands, and bloggers, trying to figure out a solution.

I can’t do everything.

I’m not a superwoman and I no longer put that pressure on myself. But I’m excited about the freedom and openness my blog will be and the way I’m service to my clients. Revealing this on my birthday parallels with the clarity I’ve had in my personal life. Taking control of my health, both mentally and physically, took a while. I’m not finished and it’s still messy, but I’m happy to celebrate another year.


What’s new for FIVE12 STUDIO?

Non-obligatory webinars.

My first attempt to do a webinar didn’t go as planned, and I’ve struggled with how or if I should do it again. In the past, rebrands were announced and documented, but I needed to do things a little differently. I am. And I’m taking the pressure off of everyone to pitch for sales. I enjoy teaching and helping people. That’s what drives me. It may not make sense to some, but it doesn’t have to. I appreciate those who kick ass with webinars and masterclasses, but right now that’s not my thing.

More of my face.

I spent years hiding behind the screen, terrified of people seeing me. This is the wrong way to run a brand if you ask me, but my confidence in my knowledge has increased and I’m ready to take baby steps on Instagram and Facebook Live to bring that.

*If you don’t like my face, that’s really something you’ll need to take up with God, Allah, or Buddha to be honest.

In-Person (small) workshops.

Hey you with social anxiety, why in the world would you want to teach in front of people? Because being one-on-one in a small setting that I’m prepared for in advance is more comfortable for me, so I’m working towards that (Dallas peeps, stay tuned!).

Wellness inspired content.

I’ve been through a lot, both mentally and physically. I’m no stranger to therapy, depression, anxiety, and losing 40lbs. As someone who is passionate about being healthy (and no, being 40 lbs lighter did not make me healthier. I’m all about body positivity). I don’t want to make this about me. Yes, I’ll be as open as possible but I want to make sure I’m helping as a person currently getting better, not as a know-it-all. I don’t know it all, but I know there are people who can relate, and I want to encourage them to find their strength.

Meet Ups.

The Internet is great, but let’s build a community from behind the screen. Even if it’s an hour a month (introverts unite!), let’s come together, exchange ideas, and learn from one another.

Don’t worry, I’m still bringing you branding and design content.

I’m all about helping you discovering your brand message and developing a visual strategy that illustrates it.

I’m excited to have all of you part of this new chapter. Thanks for sticking by my mistakes, the radio silence as I figure this thing out. I have a long way to go, and I don’t think I’ll ever be finished, but that’s normal in brand development. Have a great weekend and come back Wednesdays for a new post.

Xoxo, C