My first blog (ever) was on Xanga.

Kicking it old school, I wrote about my little college freshman issues, the “boy” I liked, the song of the moment, feelings, etc. It had that really cool animated background and the autoplay of my song of the moment (usually Coldplay or Maroon 5).

After graduating from college 2, I missed blogging, but I didn’t know what I was going to blog about. Were they even cool anymore? It was then I caught on to some of these lifestyle bloggers (I didn’t know they had a name at the time) and started mimicking what I saw them posting about. I didn’t have a schedule, and eventually, I found my own groove.

Fast forward to today and things have changed A LOT. Blogging has become a niche in and of itself. Within that niche, there have been many niches- and from that, monetization has occurred. So…over the years, we’ve moved away from favorite things posts, life stories, lessons, and struggles to tips, tips, tips and more tips.

The world has become blogging robots.

There’s an agenda behind every post.

I don’t hate this. A LOT of my favorite bloggers are amazing strategists who give amazing tips to help you succeed and grow in your niche and I don’t want to fade away with doing that myself.

But I am seeing people move away from their voices, and their niches to try to fit into this line of blogging to be noticed and monetize. Everything is a carbon copy because THIS blogger has a successful following, they feel the need to follow suit. And the more I see this, I have to ask myself, “What the hell happened to blogging?” When did it become less about the passion we put behind our words and just copying factory content?

Again, I get it. If you have the skills and knowledge you want people to know, then yes, please share it. As a person who loves to learn, I want to know more about what you’re offering.

Personally, I miss people blogging about their lives. What makes you want to write? It can be anything! What are your favorite products that I need to try? Not because you’ll get paid, but because you highly recommend it. I miss the Xanga days of making their way downtown, walking fast, faces pass as their homebound.

And it’s funny, as I’m working with a client to help them re-find their voice as a blogger, I have to ask if I’m being a bit hypocritical? After all, there ARE blogging coaches who do just that, right? So why even write this? And this requires strategy. And this requires tips and the like to help them achieve their goal.

Remember, I am passionate about hearing YOUR voice. What’s unique about you? When I read your posts, let me hear your tone. I want to read and imagine your personality.

In the end, I want the person, not the robot.