black film camera with hat and greenery

I’ve always worked on FIVE12 STUDIO seven days a week.

Even with a full-time job, I worked on it before work, during lunch, after work. I probably worked on it in my sleep.

After a contract job ended, I put all of my time working on things for FIVE12 STUDIO. Sunday through Saturday it was about FIVE12 STUDIO, and if I didn’t work I was lazy and the reason I wasn’t making millions.

One day I tried working on a social media post when something “broke.” Nothing literally, but my brain shut off.

“Work…you have to work.”

But no matter how hard I tried to work, I was exhausted.

The rest of the week I shut off my computer and stepped outside. Holy crap, there are people out there.

Usually, this wouldn’t be a big deal, but because it was rainy, cold, and my back was in repair, I didn’t go outside for the hour like I usually did for my run.

It was that weekend I decided I was going to take weekends off. Emails will go unanswered, sleep will be had, and I will do something that’s not about making a profit or being perfect.

If you’re running your business on your own, you’ll feel the need to always be in front of the computer working on something or you’re doing nothing.

But if you run yourself into the ground, you can’t run your business properly, can you?

I’ve worked in an environment where my boss was mad if I didn’t answer emails sent after work hours (sorry, I didn’t answer the email you sent at 8:00 pm. I was getting ready for bed).

The mentality of hustling and busy culture are huge culprits. We glamorize having meetings and working on projects, chugging coffee, and claiming to sleep until we’re dead that we don’t see the effects happening to the brain or body.

We are not robots. We are not meant to run like a machine. Sleep and rest are a priority to recharge.

So take the weekends off. Even if it’s not every weekend, take a weekend off. Go outside. Write. Learn how to draw. Paint something. Grab dinner with a friend. Watch Netflix and chill (literally…or figuratively. That’s your life, boo).

Do you know what happens when you return Monday?

Emails are in the inbox.

The tasks you wanted to finish up is still unfinished.

But you’re alive, well-rested, and can play catchup.

That’s right, no one died! Crazy, right?

Also, it’s never too late to participate in The 100 Day Project. Doing something creative every day helps your mind relax, recharge, and rebuild.