“Your business suffers when you’re not yourself.”

Over the last several years, I’ve talked and helped people with design. From logos to websites, I’ve had a diverse group of clients over the years who I have seen grow and prosper in their business. I’m thankful to be part of the journey, helping people create a visual representation of their ideas is something I’m so grateful to contribute to changing their lives.







But when it comes to FIVE12 STUDIO, I have to admit there were things I haven’t enjoyed about it. For a while, I felt I had to only write about branding and design. I could only do podcast episodes about the same topics, not venturing into the other aspects of me. On Instagram, I’m one way, but the blog doesn’t reflect that. I censor myself, so to speak, which is very unlike me. Why am I censoring myself on my own platform?

No one told me I had to do this (unless you include “them” and I have no idea who “them/they” are honestly), so I had a talk with Goddess Beyonce to help guide me to the next stage of the site.

FIVE12 STUDIO exists to be more than a design and branding studio. It always has and I always wanted to make it more than one-dimensional. FIVE12 STUDIO impacts change starts important conversations and creates communities. FIVE12 helps the lost find a home and allows people to be unapologetically themselves.

FIVE12 STUDIO exists to be a brand that is human.

So hi, I’m Clarissa. Not only do I care about how your brand communicates with your client, I care a lot about my eyebrows, especially after the mistreatment of them in my late teens and early 20s.

During quarantine, I started experimenting with makeup, and while I’m not an expert, there are essentials I believe everyone who chooses to wear makeup should have that won’t break the bank.

  • I believe skincare > makeup techniques because the canvas needs to be treated properly. Through my own experimentation, there are tips I learned to preserve your products and to make the best use out of them.

  • Working out has been a way to manage my mental health while wanting to lose weight, and Peloton really saved me during COVID. As far as the losing weight aspect, dealing with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and fighting to get tested for other things has been a bit of a setback. However, I’m learning through the help of you and your stories what steps to take next.

  • And speaking of help, I’m not quiet about mental health and I never have been. Because you speak out, it helps me be honest about my struggles and successes with it too. The community we build from our stories on Instagram is what I want for this blog.

I’m not here to tell you how to live. I’m not here to say my life is picture perfect and this is how you can duplicate it.

What I want is for you to take a break during this crazy time in our lives. I want you to find solitude in growing plants that are impossible* to kill, creating a piece while purifying the air around you.

And recently I became a mom…to a Bun named Bunny Anthajets. I kind of fumbled into being a pet mom, and really have no clue what I’m doing caring for him, but he’s the greatest gift 2020 brought me.

I’m excited about where the next chapter of the site; more vulnerable in the eyes of health and wellness, some practical and rational beauty tips that are approachable and accessible, how I second-hand shop safely, which brands I love buying from because they are conscious of social change.

We can all use a little more connection right now; because distancing ourselves doesn’t mean we have to be alone.