Growing and maintaining your brows is a necessity for me. If I feel a little busted, I go through my checklist of maintenance:

Teeth brushed?
Hair combed?
Face washed?
How ‘bout them brows?

Because we’re in the middle of a pandemic, though some of you are out and about as if nothing is happening and thus our numbers are rising again going to get my eyebrows done are OUT of the question, which means I need to keep them up myself.

Luckily, I’ve found some easy ways to do this:

Follow the shape of your eyebrows

Let’s talk about high school and college in the early 2000s; what a tragic time for eyebrows. For some reason, we decided less is more and best; the lesser the better.

To be fair, having thin brows was of the times. Whatever Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie were doing, most followed…well we did with our eyebrows anyway.

But time has passed and we have acknowledged our mistakes, especially realizing some of our foreheads are too for such thinness (raises hand) and started to better ourselves.

I have naturally thick yet sparse eyebrows, but I desperately wanted them thin so I shaved them down and waxed them to get the right arch. As a result, my forehead looked significantly bigger, and as someone with a fivehead that wasn’t needed, and I have deep regrets about it. PS. What is with the frosted eyeshadow? Why were we like this?

Fill in eyebrows with a color one shade lighter than the original.

Because I have black eyebrows I should use a black pencil, right? Nope. I learned the hard way about looking like Gaucho Marx and it’s not a look for me personally. Going a shade or two lighter helps you have a more natural-looking brow, bringing you one step closer to achieving queen of eyebrows, Lily Collins, level.


Use the rearview mirror to tweeze any stubborn brows

If the rearview mirror is good to make sure you didn’t back into a car, trashcan, or person, it is good enough to tweeze your eyebrows.

I hate going out thinking I have every brow hair in place, look in the mirror, and there are those two hairs just hanging out like they own the place. Hence me doing my eyebrows in the car instead.Tip: fill in and shape your natural eyebrows appropriately. Once you’re in the car, use that time to tweeze your eyebrows to the shape you want.

On days you don’t feel like putting on makeup, use clear brow gel and/or an eyebrow brush comb.

Sometimes it’s not about putting on color-tinted gel or filling them in. It may not even be about plucking or waxing them. At times, all it takes is a little grooming with an eyebrow brush and comb, which takes about 30 seconds. Trust me, just straightening them can help you feel a bit better because it’s part of the grooming process. In fact, add this into your normal routine. Instant baddie.

Miss getting your brows tinted?

Luckily your local you can order affordable brow tint online. Clean your eyebrows and shape them the way you want. Outline the outside of your eyebrows with a pencil. Yes, you’ll look crazy, but only for a short bit. On the outside of your outline, apply petroleum jelly or some kind of barrier in case the dye goes outside the line. Using your angled eye brush, apply the color to your eyebrows. Make sure to follow the instructions of the dye.

Once you rinse, you should notice slightly darker eyebrows. And look, you didn’t have to risk your life getting them.


I’m not a big makeup person, but I realize I feel a bit better when my eyebrows are together.

And I’d like to end this by apologizing to my younger 2000s self:

I’m sorry I had you look worried, concerned, and just a mess. You did nothing but sit on my face and manipulated you to the high heavens. I’ve learned my lesson, and will not betray you again.

Love you. Mean it.


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