I had the pleasure of meeting Katie through one of my friends when I visited her in New York ages ago (read: 3 years ago). 

Thanks to technology, we linked back up and we’ve been following each other for a good bit. I was even featured as one of her Dreamers, which you can read here.


Name of your business? Who is the mastermind behind your business? 
Dream Till Green. I am the mastermind behind this business.

How did you start it?
I started DTG after working on another website with a friend and I realized that I wanted to start something on my own. My friends and I are all such big dreamers, so I wanted to create a space where we, and everyone else, could share our projects, goals, dreams, etc. It’s basically PR for free.

What’re one (of many) things do you want to accomplish (business or career and personal)?
It seems so simple, but I want to wake up every day happy and willing to do my job. I know that if I could afford to, I would make DTG bigger and be my own boss.

What’s one mistake you’ve learned from?
Don’t let business come between friends. I started DTG because I didn’t agree with one of my friends and we stopped talking for about four or five months. I wish something so foolish wouldn’t have come between us. I’m so happy that we’re great now, but four-five months without one of your best friends is rough.

What’s the best advice you’ve gotten (business or personal)?
My dad always stresses: “If you’re not happy doing what you’re doing, then why are you doing it?” I know I should probably follow this more closely, but when you have student loans to pay and a family, you have to pay for things somehow.


What’s one food you can eat for the rest of your life?
Chips and guacamole, but I’d have to be able to make the guacamole because I’m very particular about it.

You have to choose: living forever in sub-zero degree temperatures or blistering hot conditions (proper attire included)
Definitely sub-zero. I don’t like sweating.

Routine you have to complete every day/week (the more embarrassing the better)
My routine is boring. I wake up at 6:15 AM, lay in bed for a bit, look at my phone, head to work, get to work, and make myself a coffee. Then work till 4, head to the gym, and pass out.

Current song you’re listening to?
Drunk in Love. Yes, Beyoncé got to me with that song.

Where can we find you online (Twitter, Facebook, blog, website, etc)?
www.dreamtillgreen.com | DTG Twitter | Katie’s Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

If you’d like to be a dreamer, go here to fill out the questionnaire.