Stage, Filter or Bust:

That’s the way a lot of people want to see Instagram photos. The argument out there is staging our photos is setting a lot of unrealistic expectations. Filters are altering and misleading which might seem unfair to those scrolling your feed.

The articles* on Instagram creating false realities and the harm it can have (psychologically) on people who view your feed makes sense–people are viewing your feed thinking you have the perfect, clean, natural light gluten-free healthy vegan life while they may not feel as such. Jealousy starts. We’ve all been there.

But let’s cut to it– to get rid of the “Wow their life looks so perfect I want that” mentality that’s clouding your every day:

A lot of the Instagram accounts (much like blogs) edit with programs like VSCO CAM and stage their photos before posting them. We stage and take hundreds of photos on our phones and make sure it’s the perfect setup before we post them. As a visual medium, people want their photos to be visually appealing to followers.

There’s nothing wrong with this. The big thing here is making sure you’re honest about it. Mainly, accept the fact people are staging and editing their photos (including selfies). There, the jealousy and envy float away, right?

I know I talk about authenticity and being organic, but it doesn’t mean, necessarily, that we have to show the real stuff on Instagram all of the time. Sure you can, and that’s 100% OK. It’s your feed! But if you’re into getting that perfect shot in the 1:1 ratio and you want a certain flow to your feed, go nuts. It’s yours after all.

What’s your take on “false realities” on Instagram?

Until next time, C

PS. I’m over here on Instagram because I love it so much. I’d love to see what you’re creating too!

*Other reading material: R Kay Green The Social Media Effect: Are You Really Portraying Who You Are Online?