Ah, the in-between.

The moment after you to do it, take the chance of launching a project or send that pitch for the collaboration you want to do.

You’re really pumped about it as you should be. You’ve decided to do something that’s kind of really scary. You’re taking a risk and that’s something you should be proud of.

What happens when the excitement wears off. Your excitement turns to anxiety and the questioning starts.

“Should I actually be doing this?” “On a scale of 1-10, how dumb of an idea was this?” “Why did I send that pitch? They’ll never want to work with me.”

That’s what I call the in-between.

Stuck between hope and fear, pride and anxiety.

Do you quit or keep going? Maybe you should retract your last email. Send an email to say you’re postponing a launch for whatever reason.

First of all, don’t quit.

The in-between feeling, the anxiety you feel is temporary. Real, but temporary.

It will pass.

If I could tell you how many times I’ve talked myself out of quitting FIVE12 STUDIO, quitting the industry I’m in, giving up on the blog. And honestly, some days I don’t know why I haven’t.

Let’s look at the in-between another way.

You’re working your butt off making connections. There are meetings, emails, and texts going back and forth. Everything is almost about to fall into place but right now you have to wait.

“The answer is no. I should have known,” you tell yourself.

Think about the road trips you take or the connecting flights you have. Point A is where you started and Point B is your final destination. Now think about the craziness of changing planes, stops to get gas, pulling over to go to the restroom, and other frustrations you encounter before you get there.

Point B isn’t going to come and you’re thinking, “I want to turn around and go home! I’m over it!”

This is where you are.

Point A is your great idea and the prep and Point B is the ultimate goal you’re going to reach.

The in-between is the waiting, the crying, the frustration, the walking away.

During that in-between, you’re frustrated, hopeful, depressed, optimistic, restless. It’s a “spaghetti plate of emotions.”

On the outside, it looks like everyone else is crossing another milestone. They’re full of optimism and hope while you’re not feeling it no matter how hard you try.

Well, let me tell you again so you’re not alone: this is normal.

Working on positivity is ideal and definitely suggested but it doesn’t happen instantly. It takes work to get to the point of being OK with whatever the universe* has for you.

If the person you pitched to wants to work with you, congratulations!

The client you wanted to work with? They don’t see a need for your service at this time. It sucks, and gut-wrenching, but it’s not you. Their needs and your skills don’t align right now. But you know what? It doesn’t mean ever, so seek out those people who need you. They’re out there.

Remember, the in-between is a normal place to be and it’s temporary.

Always think about strategy and plan accordingly. Unfortunately, we’re not in control of everything, and it’s OK.

Until next time, C