Over the last few weeks, I’ve been soaking in information like a sponge. Helpful information, a really great insight into things I didn’t know about, honestly.

And in those last weeks, I’ve been trying to implement them–push myself to use and apply that information to create a “wow” product that (honestly) didn’t succeed. I analyzed why tried to reworking, and pushed it out again.

I still failed.

Here’s the deal:

I don’t blame anyone other than myself as to why things didn’t work out as planned. The culprit is the information overload I put on myself.  I blame myself for paying attention to numbers and other people’s successes; for making it be an obsession. Comparing myself a lot, more than I should have, even though I swore up and down I wouldn’t is inevitable. The big thing is, I wanted to be a success story I created in my head and it didn’t work out that way.

Throughout the process of pushing myself, trying to please others, I got overwhelmed and got sick, physically. My body literally shut down. Everything shut down and the joy that I had in creating left.

So I’m done.

– Done trying to compete with other people. – I’m done looking and trying to study numbers. They’re important, but not right now – Rules are overrated. I don’t want to follow them. – No more putting pressure on myself to be like one person or another when I need to be myself. – I’m done with not enjoying what I once was really passionate about and love.

The bright side is this feeling isn’t permanent. Between rebranding and a couple of client projects, things are going well.

I also have a few posts that I’ll post throughout the year, but on top of everything business-wise, I have to focus on real life. While my goal was to do two posts a week for the rest of the year, I’m going back on that, because I can’t right now.

Until next time, C