You hired a designer! Yay! Now that visual is coming to life, no longer just a dream, here are some things to expect:

1. We don’t dive in and design.

Things happen over time and lots of research. It can take a few hours, a day, maybe weeks–all depends on the project depending on the project.  This is why a lot create mood boards, using Pinterest as a tool. This helps us get a feel of what you like–what you’re really thinking.

2. We have more ideas than we show you.

The drafts we send are probably not the first or second you see, but more of the fourth or fifth done. That’s because the first round is never the best or even worth showing. And no, you can’t see it because it’s really awful.

3. Honest feedback helps us both.

If you think we’re designing something and going a bit off course, let us know. If we have the wrong shade of purple, tell us! “Oh looks great!” is wonderful if you really believe it looks great, but if you really loathe the shade, font, or layout, let us know then so we can change it. Remember, we’re working for you and want you to be happy with the end result.

4. Designers/freelancers are working on other projects.

It’s all about balancing time and making sure each client stays a priority, and you are the priority. However, note that we can’t be on call right there and then all the time. For me, I make it a point to schedule follow-up emails and progress notes so my clients know I haven’t forgotten them and I haven’t had any “on-call” email alerts because of this. They’re up-to-date on what’s going on thanks to constant communication.

5. We’re trying to create a work/life balance.

The thing is, we actually want to work on all of our projects all the time, but it’s not healthy. Much like you, we have families, significant others, friends and overall health goals. If we’re in the middle of a project with you and you happen to see a photo of us enjoying dinner with friends on Instagram, we’re not scamming you out of your money to eat—we’re just hungry and want to interact with humans in the flesh.

There are more than five things to know (infinite amounts, to be honest), but here are some to get started. Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll give you an honest answer.

Until next time,