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Building a brand is exactly like building a house.

Maybe not exactly, but the same steps can be applied.

Before you can have a brand that is shown to the masses, you have to build from the bottom. It’s pretty common to hear, “Your logo is not your brand,” because it’s not.

Let’s look at it as if we’re building a house:

Before you have the house you have the land.

Then you have to build a foundation.

The frames come next, so you can apply the walls, paint, and plumbing.

Lastly, the finishing touches to the house that makes it yours. You choose the interiors like finishes in the bathroom and kitchen, light fixtures, and furniture.

Once it’s finished, you kick up your feet and exhale. You have a house, completed the way you want it. None of this would be possible without the foundation or the frames, right?

Now let’s go back to your brand.

  1. Brand Discovery is an important start of your brand. This is where you start to do your research about your audience and your competitors. You use tools to help build your foundation so you can lay the groundwork evenly. This is where you write your brand, mission, and vision statements. Without this, your brand will not be able to hold up.

  2. Your brand’s tone and voice are the frames of your brand. This is how you establish how your brand’s message will be delivered to your audience (You can find out how to discover your brand’s voice here).

  3. The brand’s identity is the finishing touches to presenting your brand. Your colors and fonts are decided (much like paint swatches and window coverings) that will be a big part of your logo so it can help to tell your brand’s story.

    1. Also part of this are graphics, web design, and photography that will aid in sharing your brand.

Once that part is set up, you can take a breather before you show off your brand (your house) with others. You develop a brand pitch that sells who you are and how you serve your audience. Because you have the foundation set, this will come easy for you because you are ready. You took the time to study and pick the right parts to craft your brand which will give you the confidence and the belief in promoting your brand.

When you’re sure about the power of your brand, you will never doubt how helpful and beneficial it is, so you’re always going to be working on it.

Here’s what you need to know: Having a foundation for your brand is just as important as having a foundation for your home. Make sure you have the necessary components for your brand so it’s sturdy…like a house.

In order to build the best brand, you have to start at the core then build-out. While you don’t build then sit, you can become so confident in what you built that pitching it doesn’t feel like work as you do it.

Love and elephants,