“I don’t know if I have a brand voice.”

This statement isn’t true. If you have a brain, you have a voice. Now it’s time to find it.

Scream. I’m not kidding, scream.

How does that feel? Weird? Awkward? Relieving? All three?

Good. Now you’re one step closer to finding your brand voice.

Your brand voice needs to sound human. When your audience reads your content, they should be reading you, not a robot.

Now how you “sound” depends on what your personality is. Some brands are formal. Some are quirky while others find a way to combine the two.

Take a look at your content and read what you have so far. How do you think it comes across to those who see it?

Write those words down and reflect on them. If it doesn’t sound like you, what does?

Are you hiding your comedic side to sound professional?

Here’s the thing: There are no set rules when it comes to having a brand voice.

OK, I lied, there’s one: it must be your voice.

Now let’s do a brief exercise on finding your voice, and no, you don’t need to yell again (unless you want to).

Write down three adjectives that define your brand voice. I’ll do it with you.

Informal, Conversational, Authentic

Now let’s define what them:

Informal: relaxed, easygoing, natural

Conversational: casual, laid back, friendly

Authentic: genuine, original, honest

Finally, let’s work on how we’re going to implement it:

Create a person or group of people in your head that you’re going to write, using those adjectives.

Read what you wrote out loud. Does it sound like you?

Keep this in mind when you start writing the topics you’re good at.

Note: no matter what adjectives describe your brand, stay away from business jargon. Jargons make your brand sound like robots, turning away your clients. Also, avoid clickbait. People pick up on this quickly and will avoid or block your content. Yikes.

Ready to define your brand voice? Let me know in the comments!