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Social media is full of wonderful people offering advice about what you should and shouldn’t do as a (fill in the blank).

“Like you, C?”

Yes. But I want you to do something–take what advice I and others give you, and sit on it.

“You mean…you don’t want me to do anything with the advice given?” 

No, but I strongly advise you not to jump the gun with anything I or anyone else has to say.

If you’re new to the entrepreneur or freelance game, you’re going to take in as much information as you can. You’re hungry for knowledge. Your thirst for all the information to be successful is real.

But doing too much can be your downfall, and jumping the gun on everything can kill your drive and motivation.

Think about it: there’s so much advice on building your brand, writing good content, using these plug-ins, using that platform, how to engage your audience, etc, and some of it may overlap each other. Some may contradict each other.

If you used all the advice given to you at once, you will suffer burnout. I know, because I did and I had to walk away before prioritizing what I needed to use now, what fit the model for my business and what could wait for the future.

Again, I’m not telling you it’s not great information, it definitely is. But there’s this thing that happens when someone drops knowledge you feel speaks to you:

“Oh really? Yes! YES! Preach it! This! Doing this NOW!”

Take what speaks to your soul and make a timeline of your goals.

For me, a 30/60/90 model for short-term and 1/2 and 1/2 for a long term.

Once you make those goals, take the advice you saved and see where it fits in your timeline.

I jumped into doing a newsletter way too early. I had no clear direction of where I wanted to go with it. But I felt convinced I HAD to have one to be successful. Eventually, I shelled out a few that were all over the place before I decided to stop. It wasn’t at the top of my goals list so it wasn’t at the top of my priority list. 

The most important thing to do is take heed to said advice, and find out where it fits in with your goals. You can use a lot of it, even all of it, just pace yourself. You got this.

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Until Next Time, C