“When I started, I wanted to do what everyone else did because I thought that’s what I was supposed to do. Then I got clouded with rules of what I should and shouldn’t do and started blogging on other people’s standards.” (photo credit: FIVE12 STUDIO Instagram)

Dear You,

Be yourself.

I know this might come as a “duh” to some of you and of course, it should. However there’s that chance that if you have a blog and your goal is to gain readership, you’re not writing like yourself yet, but like the ones you admire. Stop it.

You are enough.

Whatever it is you’re doing, whatever your passion is, there’s a reason behind it. You have to do things your way, not like her way or his way.

Be you.

Because honestly, and this sounds forever cliché and I’m sorry, but there’s not another you. There’s no one that can replace you. It’s easier said than done because I did it starting out as a mini blogger. I thought it was the easiest way to gain readers and then I could slowly be myself. But that’s not how it works. It’s not how any of this works.

Chances are you became a blogger for whatever reason because you felt your voice was missing. Then you got “on stage” and became scared to write your piece.

Of course, I get it. I’m here with you: anxiety/panic attack having and all.

But I promise you, 1000 percent, it will be OK. People are reading. People want to know what you have to say. People are watching. People are paying attention.

In our crazy fast-paced world, it’s hard for people to acknowledge it the way you want, but people are noticing.

Don’t worry about how many, worry about the people you have.

Do you want to grow your audience? Awesome. It’ll take time but it will happen through hard work and connecting.

You can do it, but you have to do it by being you.

So please, for the love that is holy, stop mimicking whoever your inspiration is because that’s not what you’re meant to do, mmkay?