Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor. I’m simply someone who battles depression and has found a way to deal. It works for me, but there’s more than one way to deal with something. Please, please, please seek help if you feel like doing something harmful to yourself. You’re worth being here with us.

Nothing is guaranteed. I’m working with my therapist on cognitive behavior and this is all trial and error. I’m open to discussion and sharing. This is not meant to make me look like an expert (again, I’m not). But if we share ideas with one another, we can help each other out.

Sometimes there are triggers. An event happens and it sinks me to the lowest of lows.

Other times I wake up and boom. I’m depressed.

It’s weird and unwelcoming.

Let me say this: depression isn’t just about being sad or wanting to die. It can mean not caring about anything.

Literally anything.

“I don’t care to eat. I don’t care about showering. I don’t care if I miss the meeting. I don’t care if I’m late on a deadline.”

When this happens, it’s polarizing. It robs me of enjoying life and its adventures.

I lose the desire to do the simple things I love such as blogging and running.

BUT, in dealing with this I realized I can push through even when it’s tough.

And so can you.

1. Talk yourself up.

“You got this. You can do it.” Giving yourself positive reinforcement will interrupt your current thought process.

Do it even if it’s a small task.

“You can go do it. You can shower. Think of how good you’ll feel! And you got new soap on sale that smells wonderful.”

It sounds silly now, but when you’re in that moment, do it. I promise it works.

2. Get up, go out.

Walk outside, do a brisk walk. Laying in bed is ideal because shutting the world out seems awesome, but it’ll do you more harm than good. Walk around for 15-20 minutes, your favorite music playing, and create a happy place.

If it’s rainy or you can’t go outside, do a short yoga video from YouTube (I love Yoga by Adrienne). Download a workout app like Sworkit and do mini-workout bursts.

This is not the time to worry about calories burned. It’s about channeling your focus on something else for a brief period of time.

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3. Call or text someone.

You’re not a burden.


Find someone to call and or text someone. It doesn’t have to be about you being depressed. It can be about anything. Pizza, Friends reruns, 90s music. Check up on a loved one or a friend. Because you’re not a burden, those who love you want to hear from you.

4. Find an active focus.

This sort of goes along with number 2 but I’m going to make it more specific.

I made a decision to run my first half-marathon in late 2017. Because my body doesn’t naturally run 13.1 miles, I have to train to get to increase my endurance. I dedicated 4 days a week to work on strength and running workouts. You don’t have to run. Think about yoga. Maybe dance or take a kickboxing class.

5. Do something with your hands.

I bet you’re a fabulous cook. Or you’re a crazy talented painter. Chances are you can master some Pinterest DIY projects like no other. Keep your hands busy to keep your mind busy. Channeling what you’re good at helps you grow into

Again, I’m not here to tell you to forget your feelings. You can’t. Sometimes you have to go through the motions. But remember when going through the motions you will come through the other side. There’s strength in survival (not to be insensitive to those who couldn’t see it). You’ll make it through, promise.

For resources, visit Project UR OK’s resource list.