girl writing in her planner with a hat beside her

One concern I get from potential clients is the worth of the investment.

I hear stories about the past and how it didn’t work out for them.

Scenario One:

“Hired a guy once, did our website, we didn’t make money.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. Did you have a strategy?”

“Well, we launched and told people but didn’t make money.”

“So your strategy was launch and go?”

AKA  you ain’t GOT no strategy

Scenario Two:

“I rebranded and told people about my business. I’m trying but no one is biting.”

“How long have you been promoting yourself?”

“I’ve posted on Facebook for a month, but nothing.”


Scenario Three:

“I’m doing webinars, selling services, but I still haven’t made six-figures.”

“How much, if you don’t mind me asking, have you made?”

“Around 4,”

“When did you start?”

“A couple of months ago,”

::deep sighs:: ::long blinks::

It’s so easy to get caught up in one-way success—

You’re only successful if you have millions of people going to your site daily.

You’re only successful if you have a high response on Facebook.

You’re only successful if you make six-figure courses.

Debunking all three of these NOW!

There are so many ways to measure success, and there’s not a way to determine if you are or not.

You may not have millions of people going to your site – but thousands of people are dedicated to your content.

Your Facebook may not have the number of likes you want, but your consistency is top-notch.

You may not have six-figures, but for launching your course two months ago, four figures are GOOD!

So you know what, you’re successful. You did it, you started from zero and have grown. YAY!

Now, if you don’t want to settle, and I don’t think you should, what is your strategy?

Let’s visit the strategies of each scenario:

Scenario One:

They launched their site and…that’s it. They thought launch and the people will come. No incentive, no sign-up, no anything.

Why do you think you’re entitled to millions on your site with no plan involved?

Scenario Two:

You posted on Facebook, but no bite. Did you post ads? Are you active on Facebook groups? How are you connecting? Have you considered if Facebook is even where your audience is?

Scenario Three:

You launched your course, and you made four figures in two months. That’s not bad AT ALL. But you wanted to launch with six-figures during your first course?

Is that realistic, or are you fooled to believe it’s realistic?


So here’s the deal—you will not succeed overnight.

Anyone who says they’re an overnight sensation has a beach house in Greenland. 

Overnight sensations are lies. They tap into our insecurities and make us feel inferior. It awakens that Little Green Monster we call “envy” and give it power.

When you read about how someone made 600,000 from their first course, really think about it—is it realistic? What are they leaving out?

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a million website hits.
There’s nothing wrong with wanting to increase brand awareness. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make six-figures.

But you need to things:

One: Plan.

There’s absolutely no way you can achieve anything without a plan. Instead of saying, “I’m going to launch my site and millions of people will come,” try:

“I’m going to hit and maintain a million views on my website in two years. With quality content and active engagement, I’m going to check in every 90 days to see how close I am to my goal.”

Two: Action.

Once you have a plan in place, you have to act on it. Engage, network, and reaching out are all actions that can help brand awareness.

If you’re already doing that and still not seeing the results you want, revisit and tweak areas of your plan. Some things you’re in control over (networking events) while others you’re not (algorithms). Don’t let this discourage you—let it fuel you to try harder.

Instead of fighting things that are a losing battle, learn how to work with them. Shift your energy from trying to beat the unbeaten to working and succeeding with it. You won’t be exhausted and bring on the challenge that will energize you.

Three: Patience.

A plan takes 90 days to see results with consistency. If you’re starting to see negative or stagnant results before 90 days, again, go back and revisit your plan. What are some things you missed? What roadblocks came up that you didn’t know would? You may need to reach out for help to get a new view on it and if you need to get help, that’s OK. It doesn’t mean you failed.

Bonus: give yourself grace. Things happen and you can’t change it. But knowing life happens and as long as you don’t give up, your goals are still within reach.

Four: Celebrate Small Wins!

You launched your site!
You launched your rebrand!
You launched your course!

These are milestones that take guts to do, and you did it.

Looking at your small wins will help you understand and enjoy your bigger wins. It allows you to understand and study the process more, and stay on track with your strategy.

Take away: you may not see the results you want now doesn’t mean you’re not succeeding. Create an actionable and realistic strategy that includes celebrating small wins. In the end, there are twists and turns, but learning how to navigate them without panicking.