gold confetti

Photo by Georgia de Lotz via Unsplash

End of the year blogs are a still a thing, right?

Oh well if it’s not. I enjoy reflecting over the past year so you know how prepared for the upcoming year, so without further ado:

1. Speaking your mind won’t win everyone over, but keeping quiet won’t do you any favors, so speak your mind and be productive.

2. You can quit or you restrategize. One is easy, one is not.

3. Everyone doesn’t need to know your business. Hush

4. Stop waiting for permission and do it already.

5. Be consistent, always

6. No one cares about excuses. Show up and be ready.

7. Trolls are gonna troll.

8. You’ll always be wrong for someone. Stop trying to please everybody

9. Those rules don’t fit you so stop trying to make them work

10. You’re the only one in the competition, sis.

11. Face the numbers. You control them not the other way around (finances, specifically).

12. You’re not done with therapy, trust me.

13. Um, you’re still not charging enough…

14. Those people who love you? Love them so hardback

15. Ariana Grande is really good for your mental health (Exhibit A, B, and C)

16. Draw again. You don’t need to sell it, just do it.

17. Comfort can be found at your local library.

18. You tried things that didn’t work out. And now that you know, you can move on.

And because I hate leaving off of things not ending in multiples of 5:

19. Your existence isn’t a mistake. You’ll help teach people you’ve never met behind small digital advice.

20. Words mean things. Use them wisely because they’ll make a huge impact.

Hope everyone has a safe and pleasant ring to the New Year!