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Do you find yourself Googling one topic that leads to you a Wikipedia page and then three hours later you are fascinated by another topic?

Welcome, new listener, this podcast is for you! Every two weeks I break bread with a few friends as we chat about pop culture, politics, and anything else that comes to mind. Think of it as a conversation with friends. FIVE12 FM hopes to bring humor, sass, and a bit of education in the process so we can all be better humans toward one another. Listen anywhere you listen to podcasts!

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Race + Allyship

Welcome to the first episode of season 2 and Happy Juneteenth! In this episode, we’ll catch up on what in the world is going on in our world (it’s a lot), and I talk about how White people can be good allies (Published: June 19, 2020).


You're Doing Too Much

It’s been a month since the social uprising started. While talking about White Fragility and White “Guilt” is fine, the movement is becoming too much about that and not about the injustice of Black people and POC in the US. A mud mask episode of Golden Girls is now offensive, Mad Men has a disclaimer about Blackface in an episode, and actors are in their feelings about voicing cartoon characters. It’s honestly way too much. Things are getting too nit-picky and we need to stop (Published: July 3, 2020).


Being Quiet is Never a Bad Idea (Shut Up Kanye)

Kanye won’t stop talking and it has nothing to do with his mental health, so let’s squash that. Also, Lisa Rinna gets boo-ed at BravoCon, Southern Charms ends on a downer note, and one of the Sister Wives has moved into an RV. Also, leave Lizzo ALONE. TW: Mention of fatphobia, mental health disorders, and anti-Semitism (Published Oct 17, 2022).


The KarJenner Body Effect

For every part of your body, there’s plastic surgery for it. We have seen the ever-changing looks of the Kardashians and Jenners (KarJenners) over the last decade, which has caused others to want the same surgeries and injects as them. The problem is, others feel they are lying about what they have or have not done, further placing the blame on them for today’s fascination with the “Slim-thick” ideal body type. TW: Disordered eating, fatphobia, body dysmorphia (Published: Oct 25, 2022).

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