Freelancing: Where You Want To Be

Everyone’s freelance journey is different. Opportunity doesn’t fall in your lap or present itself to you. Instead, you have to create them yourself.

Dear You

Dear you, I know it’s tough right now and things are scary. You may feel like you’re alone but you’re not. You got this more than you know.

Do Not Copy From Word to Blogger

Finding some weird codes on your blog post? Did you copy from Word and paste into Blogger? There’s a reason you need to stop doing this.

Just Do It: Conquering Your Fears

Conquering your fears is easier said than done. Whether or not you deal with anxiety, your fears can cripple you. Remember you’re stronger than them.

Finding You in Your Brand

Finding trouble being yourself with your brand? Stop thinking too much and let go.

Tools for the Broke

You want to start your business and grow your following, but there’s one thing standing in your way: you’re broke. The good news: you can still start now

To Do In 2014

2013 has turned to 2014. That means it’s time for goals and set everything straight to move forward and grow in business and personally.

New York, Up High

Recently took a trip to New York and of course, it was amazing. New York has a way of allowing you to embrace the best you, and it’s wonderful.

Saying It With Type

When you have something to say, it’s always good to write it out. It’s even better to use typography to express what you want to say.

Stage And Edit: An Instagram Reality

Instagram is a great visual platform for personal and business use. The question is, does it set unrealistic expectations on reality?

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