No brand is too big or too small to have a powerful visual brand presence.

Whether it’s, “Let’s be good to each other,” or “This product will change your life.” 

The problem? No one is paying attention.

Your brand doesn’t suck- you just need to position it so it’s visually captivating.

As the founder of FIVE12 STUDIO, my passion for helping brands fine-tune their message and create a visual strategy comes with 7 years of working with small and Fortune 500 companies. My number one goal is to help your audience connect with the human aspect of your brand.

Does your message follow them long after they’ve been in front of it? Don’t have the answer? No problem. Finding creative solutions to marketing problems is in my DNA.

I can identify a font at the drop of a hat. I’ll never let Comic Sans or Papyrus be part of brand identity. I really do see fifty shades of gray (and blue, red, green, purple, yellow, orange, etc).

As much as I love inspiration from Pinterest, I kick it old school and tear things out of magazines.


You have something powerful to say. Let it be seen and heard.


FIVE12 STUDIO started in 2011 as CNICOLE PhotoDesign to provide photography and graphic design services to my clients. After rebranding in 2013 to FIVE12 STUDIO (taken from my birthday May 12) I’ve helped clients successfully develop a visual brand strategy for their audience.

From web design, brand identity, and art direction, FIVE12 STUDIO makes sure your brand’s message transfers across multi-channel platforms to leave an imprint on your target audience.


My love for blogging about mundane things like the outfit I wore that day, the boy who broke my heart or the “tragic” breakup of *NSYNC.

A decade later, FIVE12 STUDIO has helped me connect with a variety of readers by providing combines daily musings and helping online lifestyle brands, bloggers, and entrepreneurs with design, branding, and Photoshop tips.

In 2016, I decided to expand my platform to speak openly about wellness, particularly mental health, to break the stigma and shame that surrounds it. Coming to terms with mine allows me to be help others the best way I can. Some days you feel on top of the world, some days it sucks, and that’s OK.

Also: yes I’m still heartbroken about *NSYNC breaking up.

Why I Created FIVE12 STUDIO:

1. Promote diversity. More than Black and White (though included), I help brands reflect their audience that come from all walks of life.

2. Be human. It’s easy nowadays to pretend we’re perfect. We craft our social medias to present our best self. However, at the end of the day, we’re all flawed and it’s a beautiful thing.

3. Build community. No man is an island…or something. We all need someone to lean on, to chat with, to uplift, to laugh. Learning from one another is the truest way to grow and become our better selves.

4. To serve. From increasing brand awareness to teaching others how to tap into their unused creativity, FIVE12 STUDIO wants to help clients and readers be a better version of themselves.

Connect with FIVE12 STUDIO

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