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5 Things I Learned About Being a Bun Mom

5 Things I Learned About Being a Bun Mom

Being a Bun Mom during quarantine has been the best, and being able to share my adventures in Bun Mom with others has also been amazing. Thanks, Buns, for being the best thing about 2020.

Let’s Be a Little Less Alone

Let’s Be a Little Less Alone

I’m excited about where the next chapter of the site; more vulnerable in the eyes of health and wellness, some practical and rational beauty tips that are approachable and accessible, how I second-hand shop safely, which brands I love buying from because they are conscious of social change.

We can all use a little more connection right now; because distancing ourselves doesn’t mean we have to be alone.

It Hits Differently

It Hits Differently

And when we say king, inside or outside the context of The Black Panther, it’s not about us worshiping him. It is, as Trevor Noah tweeted, “Not because we served him or because he ruled. But because of how he served us in everything he did.”

To our king, you’ve done so much for us and we couldn’t be more thankful. So selflessly you put aside your struggles to make an impact for us without anyone knowing. While you needed light, you were light, and now you deserve to rest. You’re not going to be forgotten, as you’ll live on in the hearts and minds of so many you’ve inspired.

It’s not about having it figured out, but simply living day to day.

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