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Life Lately

Life Lately

*Blows dust* Jesus, this is worse than Bunzy's go-to spot full of fur. Anyway, hey y'all. We're still in a pandemic two years later because no one knows what they're doing. At this point, this is...

Yes, You Can Shape Your Eyebrows

Yes, You Can Shape Your Eyebrows

Growing and maintaining your brows is a necessity for me. If I feel a little busted, I go through my checklist of maintenance: Teeth brushed? Hair combed? Face washed? How ‘bout them brows? …...

What’s Wrong With Body Positivity?

What’s Wrong With Body Positivity?

Photo by Dom Aguiar on Unsplash The roots of body positivity are pure. Queer, trans, and/or disabled BIPOC are worthy of celebration as much as their counterparts. Even if they don’t fit the...

Dating…During COVID?

Dating…During COVID?

Have you or one of your loved ones been personally attacked by a nosy family member or stranger who couldn't mind their business? When are you having a baby? Where is your boyfriend? Don't you hate...

It’s Not You, PCOS Sucks

It’s Not You, PCOS Sucks

Legal obligatory disclaimer: I’m not a doctor. I’ve read books and articles from trusted sources that I’ll link below. I give them proper credit because it’s their words I’m grateful to share. But I...

It’s not about having it figured out, but simply living day to day.

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